Last to Die ~ James Grippando

Last To Die - James Grippando

Miami criminal attorney Jack Swyteck doesn’t want Tatum Knight as a client. But the allegedly “reformed” contract killer is the brother of Jack’s best friend, and the assassin swears he had nothing to do with the shooting death of Sally Fenning, though he claims the beautiful, depressed multi-millionairess wanted him to do the deed. Even so, Knight has been named in Fenning’s will, along with five others, all vying for a fortune. The catch is that only the last living would-be beneficiary will inherit the $46 million. So begins a twisted game of survival of the greediest and deadliest as, one-by-one, the heirs start to fall. And suddenly Jack’s caught up in a chilling race to ensure that the next to die is not Jack Swyteck.


I really enjoyed listening to this book a lot.  The premise was something I've never read in a book before.  A great twist to a sometimes old plot.  My only regret was I noticed that the copy I listened to was an abridged version, or maybe not.  I always like the unabridged version of audio books the best, but I know that sometimes it can be a bunch of fluff.


This was a great listen!