Rules of Crime

by L. J. Sellers

A wild ride that doesn't disappoint!!


RulesofCrime Sellers

Product Description:

When a call from his daughter, Katie, interrupts his much-needed vacation, Detective Wade Jackson knows it’s bad news. As Katie tearfully announces that her mom—Jackson’s ex-wife, Renee—is missing, Jackson suspects alcoholic Renee has climbed back inside the bottle that destroyed their marriage. But the truth is far worse: kidnappers have snatched Renee and are demanding ransom from her wealthy fiance.

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The very same night, someone dumps a savagely beaten University of Oregon coed on the doorstep of the ER. Jackson’s protege, Detective Lara Evans, must identify the unconscious victim, then track down the assailant with no leads to go on…except the whispered rumor of a secret sorority.

Meanwhile, Eugene’s new FBI liaison, Agent Carla River, takes charge of Renee’s high-tech ransom operation while Jackson comforts his distressed daughter and retraces the steps of the mother she holds dear. But as the rescue takes a deadly twist and the suspects seem willing to let Renee die rather than crack under interrogation, Jackson worries that Katie will never forgive him if her mother is lost forever.

My thoughts...

So far "Rules of Crime" is my favorite of the Detective Wade Jackson series. A Hawaii vacation cut short. A kidnapping gone wrong. What else could possibly happen?

This is not your typical ending for Wade Jackson, this one. L. J. Sellers will take you on a wild ride with Detective Wade Jackson on his search for his kidnapped ex-wife through the streets of Eugene, Oregon. L. J. Sellers is a master in utilizing her imaginative-creativity with her characters, taking care to make sure you relate to each and every one of them. You quickly become engrossed in the plot to find Renee.

I'm looking forward to what the future holds for Detective Wade Jackson and wondering if Lara Evans will be a part of the next exciting plot. A highly recommended read.

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