Only the Strongest Survive

Only the Strongest Survive - Ian Fox

Only the Strongest Survive was a very different type of mystery/thriller. Most mystery/thriller books/novels spend most of the time on the introduction of how it happened, the back story of the individual(s), possible suspects, and so on. Only the Strongest Survive dives right into the kidnapping of Emely Donnovan and very little time is spent on the back story, or even trying to actually find Emely for that matter. In some instances I felt things were a little off because no one was looking for Emely, but as I kept reading it didn't matter. The whole of the book [to me] was what happened between Emely and her captors after she was kidnapped, and most of the characters in the book were well developed and memorable; others, not so much.

I received this book free from the author and was asked to give my honest opinion. I did enjoy reading Only the Strongest Survive and would read other books by Ian Fox.