The Arranger

The Gauntlet Assassin - L.J. Sellers

My take - You will find yourself intrigued with The Arranger: A Futuristic Thriller (now called "The Gauntlet Assassin). As Lara prepares herself for the Gauntlet, a futuristic sort of Ironman triathlon competition for the athletically inclined and mentally sharp contestant, she finds herself in the middle of a very sophisticated competition/murder plot with a media twist that keeps the pages turning to the very end.

Product Description from Amazon: The year is 2023 and ex-detective Lara Evans is working as a freelance paramedic in a bleak new world. She responds to an emergency call and is nearly killed when a shooter flees the home. Inside she finds the federal employment commissioner wounded, but she’s able to save his life.

The next day Lara leaves for the Gauntlet — a national competition of intense physical and mental challenges with high stakes for her home state. She spots the assailant lurking at the arena and soon after, she lands in deep trouble. Who is the mysterious killer and what is motivating him? Can Lara stop him, stay alive, and win the Gauntlet?