Half-Inch - McCarty Griffin

"The rule of thumb is that if someone is able to be verbally or physically abusive, he or she is able to understand that the behavior is wrong."
-- Edward T. Welch

I read this short story in just a few hours one afternoon. The book was well written and very detailed. Some individuals can relate to Pammy's dilemma with the abuse, and some can not. I can certainly see people watching true crime stories on the TV and trying to outsmart the perpetrator/law officials so as not to get caught themselves. I myself enjoy watching these types of crime scene/forensic shows, but I keep in the back of my mind that since it's on TV it didn't work out to well for them.

That being said, this short story was well written and articulate throughout. It captured my attention throughout the entire story and I wanted to know how it ended. By all accounts, throughout the book, you would interpret that Pammy got away with the dirty deed. Wait until you read the ending. Things aren't always what they seem.