The Dead Travel Fast

The Dead Travel Fast - Deanna Raybourn

Received this book from Library Thing as an advanced reader copy and also posted a review there.

Theodroa Lastrange travels to a castle in the Carpathian Mountains at the invitation of her school-days friend, Cosmina. There she finds an old castle, an aristocratic family, and a count to which she is mysteriously attracted to. She also finds superstition and dark tales of werewolves and vampires and was involved in the destruction of an alleged vampire.

My feelings, about this book were mixed and changed almost page to page. Parts of the story are very good; wonderfully written, touching, emotionally and thoroughly engrossing but sometimes not complete.

It is difficult when you read for character, and the only character you really feel any attraction for is a lesser character, Count Charles. Rather than Ms. Lastrange being gutsy and independent, I found her to be wimpy, particularly in her attraction to the Count. On the plus side, there were some scenes that were very well done; for the most part I appreciated her explanation for some of the “supernatural’ events that were portrayed in the book.

I’m on the fence with this one, it was okay.