Rooms - James L. Rubart

I received this book from Library Thing and wrote my review there and provided a copy here.

Micah, a very prosperous software mogul finds out that he inherited a house from his uncle Archie who Micah's father says is crazy. Micah received a letter from someone after Micah was well established in his career that told him of his inheritance. The house location is in Cannon Beach, Oregon which had very bad memories for Micah from his past. Now Micah is spending a lot of time at the house, and he is finding a lot of strange things happening. A lot of strange things like losing track of time, thinking something happened that didn't.

Julie is Micah's business partner and girlfriend. She is not happy with the house because it takes a lot of his time and she wants to stay on top of business and she wants Micah to have a lifelong future with him.

Micah decided to work from the house in Cannon Beach. He discovers rooms that were not previously there and finally spoke of what all of his bad memories were. His mother was playing ball on the beach with him and the ball went into the ocean. She went after the ball and drowned, that was his bad memory.

My thoughts: Uncle Archie was trying to help Micah get over the pain of his mother’s death and bring him back to God.

Micah meets Sarah at the ice cream shop and then meets Sarah again for a bike ride and then scheduling a dinner at Micah's house for a tour of the house. Micah found letters in the closet when putting Sarah's coat away. When Sarah left Micah started reading the letters. He was instructed to read only one letter per week but he could not resist and read several others. It told him that he was not to read it because it had not been a week.

Micah had another outing with Sarah and she mentioned that she had been praying for him for years. Micah also read another of Uncle Archie's letters; it was about doing something he hadn't done in a long time, the first thing that comes to his mind, that was playing the guitar, as he thought that another door appeared. He opened the door and there were many different guitars. He sat and played for awhile.

Micah continues to read the letters for his Uncle Archie over the weeks and is led on many different adventures of his past and some of the future and Micah thinks that somehow he could incorporate biblical passages or godly directives into his software company. His friend Rick doesn't think it's a good idea because then you're not thinking or feeling from the heart. (Interesting concept may inflect more control, electronically, over people.)

In the end Micah finally found his heart and Sarah finally took him back and remembered their time together before Micah went back to Seattle. He's happy now knowing he's truly with god.

I enjoyed this book very much, it kept my interest all the way to the end and it was interesting how Uncle Archie had Micah look back at his past and future and allowed him to sort out his fears and answer his questions. I would highly recommend this book to anyone, religious or not. Great Read!!